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Tree Removal Service in Tulsa

Dangers of Unhealthy Tree Roots

Unhealthy tree roots can pose a danger to life and property. A tree’s root system is an essential factor for the tree’s health and stability; poor root health poses various risks to surrounding vegetation, structures, and even people. We offer tree removal and landscaping in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and here are some of the dangers of … Continue reading

Signs You May Need to Remove a Tree From Your Property

Trees can add value and beauty to your property, but in many cases, they can also be hazards that cause injury and damage to property. We offer tree removal and landscaping in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and here are some signs you may need to remove a tree from your property: If It Is Diseased or Pest … Continue reading

Take Steps to Address Dead Branches

It is always possible for trees to have dead branches. After all, they are living organisms that also experience infections. Having these dying branches is essentially part of their lives. Removing them is a major part of tree felling. Here at AJ Tree Service, we want to make sure you make the most out of … Continue reading

When Do Trees Become Dangerous?

Having trees in your yard can be beneficial for your quality of life. Relaxing under a shady tree during a hot day can be a great experience. Also, they can improve the aesthetic value of your outdoor spaces. Here at AJ Tree Service, we want you to make the most out of your trees through … Continue reading

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