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Tree Removal Service in Tulsa

Low Maintenance Trees to Consider in Your Home

Landscaping in and of itself requires a lot of effort, to say the least. From planning to putting all the elements together, it truly is quite the process. Considering these, wouldn’t we all want to do away with plants and trees that cost more than they are worth? Here at AJ Tree Service, we do … Continue reading

Trees You Shouldn’t Plant In Your Yard

Trees certainly add a nice touch to landscaping. Not only does it complete a theme you’re after, but it also offers its own set of benefits, such as providing shade and fresh air, of course. But did you know that certain kinds of trees are dangerous to have near your home? As a trusted provider … Continue reading

Why Regular Trimming Is Good for Your Trees

As a friendly authority in tree removal and landscaping in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we at AJ Tree Service often get asked about the importance of keeping trees trimmed regularly. Experts have determined that, on average, mature trees must be trimmed every three to five years and young trees every two to three. Fruit trees need pruning … Continue reading

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What You Need to Consider When Landscaping

Are you sprucing up your current property, prepping it for sale, or working on it to improve its value? Proper, smart landscaping is what you need. It’s all about setting practicality and aesthetics in balance. If it’s well-thought-out, not only do you maximize the value of your property but contribute to its longevity and positive … Continue reading

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