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13 Reasons Why You Should Cut a Tree

13 Reasons Why You Should Cut a Tree

Most of the time people remove a tree to prevent accidents or injuries from happening. Old trees may look beautiful or may have a sentimental value for the family. Old and decaying trees are more harmful to keep than what it is worth. It can be a difficult decision for you to go for tree removal and landscaping in Tulsa, Oklahoma. But, it is imperative that you look at the bigger picture. You are compromising your family’s safety and the future of your property if you don’t let go.

Obvious Reasons to Cut Trees

Before you cut a tree, inspect it first. Even if you are not an arborist, you can still look for signs that it is time to cut that wood. Here are some of the things you should pay attention to when checking that evergreen.

  1. The tree is dead.
  2. The trunk is showing signs of decay or the branches are dying out. These are the signs that it is unhealthy.
  3. The roots are encroaching on your utility lines, house, or any other structure of the home.
  4. It is growing too close or leaning in a dangerous direction (i.e., the children’s play area, driveway, or house).
  5. It is suffering from damages after a storm.
  6. It doesn’t allow sunlight to pass through anymore. This then inhibits the growth of the plants in your lawn.
  7. It blocks the view.
  8. It drops too much sap, seeds, needles/leaves, branches, or cotton. This will make your daily cleanup troublesome.
  9. You plan to do landscape renovations and it may impact or damage the tree.

An Arborist May Need to Take a Look

While there are signs you can check for yourself, there are cases when you need to seek an arborist. Many companies offering tree service in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma have qualified arborists. The said professional can look into the following issues:

  1. The tree has interior decay or other structural problems.
  2. It has cracks in the main trunk. This can become its weak point, which may lead to the tree breaking during heavy storms.
  3. It has developed a bad crotch. Usually, having a bad crotch can lead to the development of weaker branches. Weaker branches may fall without warning, which may then cause accidents or injuries.
  4. The wood is suffering from insect infestation or diseases.

If any of these signs exist with the tree in your property, then it is time to seek a tree removal service. Professionals from the said company can help you remove the problematic wood. It is safer to entrust the removal to them. Moreover, they know how to do it without leaving any problems for you.

AJ Tree Service is ready to remove trees with issues anytime. Give us a call for an appointment. You may also share this article with a friend or family who needs our services.

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