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How to Minimize Damage From a Storm


A storm is a calamity that can be anticipated. Meteorologists and weather stations can track the formation, movement, and strength of a storm. Because of this, they can warn the people and advise them to prepare. During times like this, availing of a tree removal service is one of the must-do preparations.

Trees can be a danger during storms. Here are some signs that you must remove or at least trim the branches of a nearby tree as preparation for a storm:

  • Dead Trees
    Dead trees and branches should be removed or properly disposed of before a storm hits. When a storm has strong gusts of wind, it can blow the dead tree and branches away and it can cause damage to properties nearby.
  • Rotten Trees
    If the trees in your front or backyard are already showing signs of rottenness, removing the tree is the best option for you. The brittle branches and trunks might break during the storm and fall on your or your neighbor’s house.
  • Trees with Dense Canopies
    Trees with huge branches and dense canopies are advised to be pruned and trimmed as part of storm preparation. Our tree service in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma can also provide tree pruning and trimming.

Storm preparations should be taken seriously. For tree removal and landscaping in Tulsa, Oklahoma, feel free to call us at AJ Tree Service.

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