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“Is It Okay?”: Common Tree Trimming Misconceptions


If you are a nature and tree lover, you want to ensure that the well-being of everything in nature, especially the trees, will be taken care of. If you heard of tree pruning and tree removal service, you may not like the idea of trees getting trimmed, as it can harm them. Surprisingly, tree trimming has surprising health benefits for trees.

Many things need to be clarified about tree removal and landscaping in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The most common misconception is that tree trimming and removal can have negative impacts on them and the environment. Here are some misconceptions about tree trimming that need to be debunked:

  • Trees heal their wounds

    Trees do not heal their wounds, unlike humans and animals. Instead, they seal off any damaged tissues and leave scars. However, colossal tissue damage can result in tree malformation. Tree trimming in Owasso can minimize tissue damage and promote better defense mechanisms.

  • Trees that overgrow promote better health

    While trees can overgrow, it does not mean it suits their health. Negative issues are associated with overgrowing trees, such as increased structural weakness. Tree cutting in Jenks allows trees to stop overgrowing and maintain their structural strength.

  • Trees can experience stress when pruned

    This information is inaccurate. Pruning is healthy for the trees. Tree pruning is a technique that selectively removes branches. Trees can have dead or diseased branches that can negatively affect their health and other organisms. In addition, tree trimming and pruning promote better aesthetics and air quality.

If you want to trim your trees, rely on a professional who can provide a tree service in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. If you are looking for the right agency, contact us at AJ Tree Service. Allow us to trim your trees safely.

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