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Quick Tips: How to Identify a Hazardous Tree?

Quick Tips: How to Identify a Hazardous Tree?

Trees yield a lot of benefits. It provides us shade, adds beauty to our surroundings, and even helps absorb potentially harmful gases. Despite those positive benefits, trees can also bring forth hazards to us. For you to be able to understand, here are quick tips for you to simply identify a potentially hazardous tree:

  1. Check out the trunk. One of the causes of tree failure is tree wounds. Tree wounds can be a result of wind damage, excavation of infrastructures, and other human activities. These wounds expose the internal part of the tree to bacteria and fungi which lead to deterioration. As a result, it instigates broken barks, dead branches, and tree cracks. Because of this, you have to make time to check your trunk regularly and see if it has wounds.

  2. Look over the crown. A tree’s crown can be badly affected by stress. The main factors that can affect stress to the tree’s crown are long periods of drought, root disease, and compaction of soil. In that event, it can cause the tree to lean and skew. To prevent your trees from stress, make it a habit to look over the crown to determine the tree’s current health status.

  3. Inspect the roots. The roots are the foundation of a tree. Which is why if it is damaged, it can extremely pose a huge threat to the tree as a whole. It can shorten the lifespan of the tree and can cause it break off. Given that, it is only paramount to check your tree’s roots.

However, the above-mentioned tree problems can lead to accidents and injuries when not addressed. That is why when you encounter such issues, it is just right to contact a company for a Tree Removal Service to ensure you and your loved one’s safety.

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