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Tree Trimming Tips to Keep in Mind

Tree Trimming Tips to Keep in Mind

Any homeowner would want their homes to be as beautiful as it can be. The interiors are not the only things that they look into. They also consider the outdoors. That is why many homeowners engage in Tree Removal and Landscaping in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Among the many techniques that a provider of Tree Removal Service does is tree trimming.

Why Trim Trees?

There are several reasons why you should trim trees. These include the following:

  • You can save an infected tree by trimming the affected branches. At the same time, there is a boost of airflow to the tree if you trim its crown.
  • Broken branches are dangerous since they can fall off from the tree at any time. Trimming trees can help remove these broken branches before they injure anyone.
  • Some broken branches may be too close to electric poles and utility lines. Trimming reduces safety risks.
  • Trimming trees can help maintain their appearance. Trim trees only in their natural shape. This way, you can avoid damaging the trees.

Top Techniques in Trimming Trees

You already know the whys of trimming trees. Now, let us answer the hows. The following are some of the tips and techniques to remember when trimming trees:

  • Trimming at dormant season

    Trees have their dormant seasons. Although you can actually trim trees whenever you like, a good time to trim a tree is when it is dormant. However, whenever a tree poses a safety risk, it is best to trim it as soon as possible.

  • Trimming young branches

    As much as possible, trim branches while they are still young. It is easier to trim young branches because they are softer. As a result, they are more manageable than the old ones. There is also a lesser chance of you leaving scars on the tree.

  • Trimming at the right size

    Take note of the following guidelines when trimming trees:

    • Branch’s diameter is less than 5cm – You can remove it.
    • Diameter is 5 to 10cm – Consider not removing it.
    • Diameter is more than 10cm – Only remove it when you have a good reason to do so.
  • Trimming weak branches

    It is better to trim weak branches which are characterized by narrow V-shaped angles. Given that those with U-shaped branches are often strong, it is best to keep them.

  • Achieving the right ratio

    After you finish trimming, the living crown of the tree should be two-thirds of its height. As a provider of Tree Service in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma we can help you trim trees within your property.

If you need professionals to trim, prune, or remove trees in your yard, contact AJ Tree Service today!

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