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How Commercial Landscaping Improves Safety

How Commercial Landscaping Improves Safety

Did you know that landscaping doesn’t only improve the aesthetics of your facility? Business owners are encouraged to do landscaping for safety purposes, too! Here are the ways on how commercial tree removal and landscaping in Tulsa Oklahoma helps in improving your facility’s safety:

  • Manage run-off flows and drainageYour landscape areas can absorb water and slow down run-off flows. This is especially helpful when your facility is located in an area that frequently experiences rain or typhoons. Good drainage and properly managed run-offs can minimize the hazards brought about by muddy or wet driveways and walkways.
  • Provide sufficient lighting at nightOutdoor lighting increases the beauty of your landscape at night. However, that isn’t the only purpose of outdoor lighting. It is functional in a way that it lights the paths, entrances, and walkways. People will know where they should pass to enter or exit your property.
  • Reduce fire hazardWith proper landscaping and tree service in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, you can provide enough fire breaks for your facility. Your lawn can provide an alternative water source in the event of a fire. It can also open emergency access for fire trucks.
  • Secure certain areasThere may be areas around your facility where you don’t want any unauthorized personnel to hang around. These areas include telecom and electrical boxes, ground floor windows, and the likes. Dense shrubs and landscaping can be used to beautifully fence these areas to keep people away.

AJ Tree Service, with our tree removal service and landscaping expertise, can work with you to increase the safety of your facility. Keep in touch to know how we can help you.

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