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Top Reasons to Call for Emergency Tree Service

Top Reasons to Call for Emergency Tree Service

Trees can pose risks to you and your family when they are not managed well. While there may be cases when you need to schedule a tree removal to remove hazards, there are cases when you encounter risky situations involving trees that are out of your hands. Such situations will require you to call for an emergency tree removal service. Here are some of those situations where it is necessary to call for immediate assistance:

  • Diseased trees
    Diseased trees have weakened tree structure. If you leave diseased trees alone, you won’t be able to predict when its branches or its entire structure will fall. Thus, if you notice that your trees have dead or unhealthy branches, call for emergency tree removal and landscaping in Tulsa Oklahoma.
  • Hanging branches that pose a safety risk to your home
    There are times when a tree has grown uncontrollably and is now hanging dangerously above your home. Call an arborist as soon as you notice this. You don’t want this branch to suddenly fall down and damage your home, especially when an unexpected storm hits your area.
  • Expected weather changes
    Not all storms are unexpected. The weather forecast agency can still determine changes, especially to stormy or windy weather. If you are expecting a weather change, check your trees and have the problematic parts removed as soon as you can. Their branches may not withstand the inclement weather.

AJ Tree Service promotes well-managed trees and landscaping without compromising people’s safety. If you need our tree service in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, then keep in touch with us. We are always open to lend you a hand.

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