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What Is Best? Tree Topping or Cutting It Down?


If you’re wondering what’s the best method of removing a tree from your property, these two options often come to mind. However, there are vast differences between the two tree removal service that also provide varying outcomes.

Both tree topping and cutting are great methods to remove a tree from your home or land. But still, let us share the differences and what is the best method you should choose.

Tree topping requires cutting off the top part of the tree called the leader, as well as its top stems. If you wish to use tree topping as a way to prune or make changes to your landscape, we advise you to just cut it down entirely.

As a provider of tree removal and landscaping in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we know that tree topping can ultimately disfigure the tree or kill it slowly. Since the top part is removed, most of the tree’s food sources (the leaves) are removed. Aside from that, topped trees are more prone to breakage and pest invasion, which can eventually infect surrounding plants, as well.

Topped trees can also be unsightly for your garden. Topping creates large wounds that are slow to heal and become entry points for insects and disease organisms. These gaps also provide entry points for strong sunlight to enter the central parts of the tree, resulting in sunscald, cracks and peeling bark.

Do yourself a favor and acquire professional tree service in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, to advise you on what’s best for your garden. If you wish to remove a certain tree from your property, AJ Tree Service is the company to call.

We offer tree removal and landscaping services aimed at making your home look like a million bucks!

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