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The Best Trees for Property Privacy

The Best Trees for Property Privacy

Nowadays, we all crave peace and calm in our life. As such, more and more people are considering homesteading, moving to a rural area, or simply making the most of their home privacy somewhere urban.

Since the height of the pandemic, most of us were stuck at home working or continuing our education. While we were at it, we also got to learn a lot of new skills and hobbies. Others made countless loaves of sourdough (are your starters still alive?) while some got invested in making their own indoor jungle.

As such, our tree service in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, is aimed at helping countless individuals meet their home garden goals. Part of landscaping and making the most of your space is by installing trees to secure peace and privacy. We don’t want nosy bodies looking into our fences now, do we?

Aside from being your dependable provider of tree removal service, we also place importance on them. Here are our top choices for trees to grow to increase security and privacy in your home.

  • English Yew – this type of evergreen is best for creating hedging and thrives in free-draining soil.
  • Cypress – these tall, slender beauties create dense foliage perfect for giving a screen to your home.
  • Bamboo – tough and easy to grow, bamboos are ideal for gardens with limited spaces.
  • Holm Oak – a hardy and robust tree that will provide year-round evergreen screening.
  • Holly – a classic evergreen that makes a good tree for privacy as well as security.

AJ Tree Service is one of the leading providers of tree removal and landscaping in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We offer personalized landscaping services that can help you improve your property. We are able to work on both residential and commercial properties without any problem.

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