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Increase the Value of Your Property with Landscaping!

Increase the Value of Your Property with Landscaping!

When you go on a blind date, what do you notice first from the other person? You can say it’s their personality, but their outward appearance really packs in a punch on how you form your thoughts on them.

If they look unclean and dreadful, you would most certainly take a hard pass on them, right?

It’s the same way with houses.

Buyers are more drawn to lots that have clean and well-maintained lawns. And of course, a nice lawn gives an added value to your home too (for as much as ten percent!). Isn’t that great?

In order to keep your lawn looking great through the years, you will have to do some landscaping yourself.

Don’t worry, it’s not that difficult. You just need to…

  • Define your lawn.
    Having a crisp line or edge that separates the pavement from the grass will make it look a lot neater. If you don’t want to use a spade to cut a clean line, you can put some bricks, stones, steel or timber to act as a physical barrier. It’s much more low maintenance and it gives a professional touch!
  • Keep your lawn tamed.
    Overgrown ornamental plants are never delightful to look at. Unless you want your lawn to look like the entrance to the Amazon forest, doing proper placement and maintenance will guide them to shape.
  • Get rid of pesky weeds.
    The beauty of a well-planned garden and lawn can easily be overshadowed by a couple of weeds. You can avoid weeds on your garden by using a utility mulch to keep your landscape much neater.
  • Position your trees.
    You wouldn’t want one too close to the house. The leaves will fall on your roof and clog up your gutter. Without proper maintenance, it can cause mold growth in your home too! Plant your trees where you want to enjoy shade without having any inconvenience.
  • Pick your plant choices.
    Flowering plants are always a delight to look at, don’t you agree? They add a nice punch of color in contrast with the thick foliage in your lawn. If you prefer to be more practical with your greenery, why not go for a fruit-bearing plant? That way you get to enjoy both flowers and fruits!
  • Give your plants form.
    A bit of pruning every once in a while will help you stay physically active too! But if you’re quite busy with work or simply just don’t have enough time on your hands, AJ Tree Service can take care of it for you. Yes, all of it!

You see, aside from pruning and our regular tree removal service, we can also perform landscaping, maintain flower beds, clean gutters, and much, much more! We provide an all-around utility service for your needs. We actively respond to emergency tree removal requests too!

Hire the best tree removal and landscaping in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, today. Contact us for inquiries!

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