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Top 5 Signs That the Tree in Your Yard Needs to Be Removed

Top 5 Signs That the Tree in Your Yard Needs to Be Removed

How do you know when you already need Tree Removal and Landscaping in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma specifically involving a tree in your yard? Here are top 5 signs you should look out for.

  1. Damaged tree trunk
    Check the tree trunk. Is it damaged? Does it have a lot of scratches or cracks? A damaged tree trunk can be a sign that you need the help of providers of Tree Removal Service. While it may be normal for a tree to have cracks on the trunk, deep fissures may mean a serious situation.

    At the same time, you have to be on the lookout for damaged trunks of trees that have been around for long. Remember, trees are living organisms. They naturally decline over time.

  2. Fungi at the base
    Branches may sprout at the base of the tree. This may be due to the tree being stressed or overexposed to the sun. At the same time, fungi such as mushrooms can also sprout at the base which might result in an acceleration of the rotting process. If you see fungi beginning to sprout, the tree may need to be removed.

    Additionally, you should also look at the roots. Roots are essential parts as they are the ones responsible for getting the nutrients needed by the entire tree. If you notice that the roots are already heavily damaged, its removal may need to be done immediately. Damaged roots provide weak support to the tree, causing it to fall over at any time.

  3. Suspended branches
    Do you notice big branches at the crown of the tree yet they don’t seem to be connected to any part of it? Are they suspended, hanging on to the tree’s actual branches? You’ll never know when these branches may fall. They can hit someone upon falling to the ground, causing injuries.

    Do not wait until they have injured someone in your family. Have a professional tree company remove these suspended branches from the crown. Such company has the appropriate equipment to safely and effectively remove such branches.

  4. Located close to your home or another structure
    If the tree is too close to your home or another structure, it may need to be removed through professional help from providers of Tree Service in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In this kind of situation, the growth of the tree may affect the structure. Roots can damage the floor, branches can destroy the ceiling or the walls.

  5. Unhealthy-looking tree
    An unhealthy-looking tree should be removed immediately. You can easily spot such tree just by physically looking at it. For instance, it may be growing into a shape unusual for its kind or is stunted.

At AJ Tree Service, we take the task of removing trees seriously. We use various equipment and safety gears for the safe removal of unwanted trees. Call us today!

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