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Low Maintenance Trees to Consider in Your Home


Landscaping in and of itself requires a lot of effort, to say the least. From planning to putting all the elements together, it truly is quite the process. Considering these, wouldn’t we all want to do away with plants and trees that cost more than they are worth?

Here at AJ Tree Service, we do much more than provide tree service in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. We also give expert advice to guide homeowners and anyone passionate about landscaping.

The top 3 trees that require next to no maintenance are the following:

  • The Japanese Maple:
    Other than yearly trimming, these classic beauties will liven up your landscape at little to no cost. Planting them is the most upkeep you’ll need to perform because they need adequate drainage and water in their first year. Everything will go off without a hitch after that.
  • Serviceberry:
    Serviceberry Trees provide a four-season aesthetic. The best thing about these trees is that growing and caring for them requires minimum effort and they thrive even in the winter.
  • Silver Birch
    The birch tree’s white bark is lovely in any season, but it shines most in the winter. Silver Birch will thrive in most types of well-drained soil, in the sun, or semi-shade. Once established, these trees require little care and can endure harsh winters.

Do you have any troublesome trees that you’d like to replace with these low-maintenance ones? Take advantage of our tree removal service now!

To know more tips and tricks about tree removal and landscaping in Tulsa, Oklahoma, call us today!

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