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Trees You Shouldn’t Plant In Your Yard


Trees certainly add a nice touch to landscaping. Not only does it complete a theme you’re after, but it also offers its own set of benefits, such as providing shade and fresh air, of course.

But did you know that certain kinds of trees are dangerous to have near your home? As a trusted provider of tree removal and landscaping in Tulsa, Oklahoma, allow us at AJ Tree Service to give tips on trees you should do away with and why. These are:

  • The Callery Pear:
    This tree features lovely white blossoms in the spring and burgundy leaves in the fall. The downside is that its branching structure is fragile by nature, which leads to a variety of storm damage in regions with wind, snow, or ice.
  • Cottonwood:
    While cottonwood is visually pleasing and low-maintenance, one disadvantage is that it has a relatively shallow and delicate root structure. Its wood rots easily, making it extremely unstable during heavy storms.
  • Red Oak:
    Red oak is an unruly tree. In the fall, they shed big leaves and acorns. Acorns dropping from a high enough tree might leave a slight dent on your car if you park under it. It also produces catkins, which are little clusters of pollen-bearing flowers. They can trigger allergies, and if they accumulate in your vehicle, can cause electrical components to fail.

Got problems with getting rid of trees? Our tree removal service might just be your solution! To know more about us and our services, dial us today!

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