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Why Regular Trimming Is Good for Your Trees

Why Regular Trimming Is Good for Your Trees

As a friendly authority in tree removal and landscaping in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we at AJ Tree Service often get asked about the importance of keeping trees trimmed regularly.

Experts have determined that, on average, mature trees must be trimmed every three to five years and young trees every two to three. Fruit trees need pruning every year, while some evergreens don’t need it. But why?

Drawing from what we learned from our professional tree service in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, we list the following benefits of trimming your trees regularly:

  • Improved sunlight exposure

    Sunlight is the key component to photosynthesis, the process by which plants produce their own food. By removing unnecessary branches, you can increase the amount of sunlight your tree can get, allowing it to grow healthily and robustly.

  • Reduced risk of property damage

    Falling branches can easily break windows and punch through walls. It’s why trimming trees in anticipation of a storm is the best practice.

  • Disease control

    Untended branches easily become host to diseases that can ruin the whole tree. Regular trimming keeps the spread of these diseases in check, allowing you to find them sooner and get solutions quicker.

  • Greater productivity

    For fruit trees, certain branch growths can suck up too many nutrients to produce good fruit. Trimming can improve nutrient allocation and lead to bigger and more numerous produce.

Add to that the boost to your property’s appearance value, and you can see why regular trimming is a must. Call us today to learn all about our effective, efficient trimming services or inquire about our other offers, like our tree removal service.

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