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What You Need to Consider When Landscaping


Are you sprucing up your current property, prepping it for sale, or working on it to improve its value? Proper, smart landscaping is what you need.

It’s all about setting practicality and aesthetics in balance. If it’s well-thought-out, not only do you maximize the value of your property but contribute to its longevity and positive impact on the environment.

As an expert in tree removal and landscaping in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we at AJ Tree Service can offer useful recommendations to guide you in your landscaping choices.

Consider the following for your landscaping project:

  • Determine your wants and needs.
    How much of it should be greenery, and how much can you walk on? Are there patios and paths? How much will it cost to sustain your greenery year-round? What types of trees, shrubs, and other plants should be there, and can the soil provide what they need? Answering these questions first can give you a clearer picture of your project.
  • Consider location.
    It’s a rookie mistake not to think about where the sun, wind, and rain will be throughout the year. This can mean the difference between a luscious lawn and a large, dry patch that wastes water. Also, the placement of elements like trees can affect the growth of your plants. Our tree removal service can easily deal with that.
  • Think about scale and pacing.
    This is tricky, but you have to figure out how to best arrange the elements of your landscape to give the effect you want. Consider the size of the plants and the other elements as a whole, and be willing to compromise; plants are living things, after all.
  • Of course, consider trees.
    If you need focal points, supportive structures, or natural walling for your landscape, trees are the way to go.

Witness these recommendations in play when you call our tree service in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and its surrounding areas. Save yourself the time and energy for your landscaping by calling us today.

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