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Some Ideas to Recycle Your Felled Tree

Some Ideas to Recycle Your Felled Tree

What will you do when you have a felled tree? Most people in Oklahoma will hire a tree removal service to get rid of the debris. However, for sustainability, there are numerous ways you can reuse newly-felled trees. Below are five ways you can give your tree a new purpose:

  1. Create a tree-stump table
    If you have a background in woodworking, creating a table out of the tree stump out of your felled tree isn’t just sustainable, it can also be the perfect piece de resistance for your garden.
  2. Stock up on firewood
    Just in time for winter, chopped branches of felled trees can be used as firewood to heat the home. A gorgeous lit fireplace will be appreciated by extended family members when they visit for thanksgiving.
  3. Sawdust for gardening
    Felled trees can be processed to create sawdust to create mulch for the garden. Mulch enriches the soil and promotes plant growth. Some tree service in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma can even process the tree into mulch after felling them.
  4. Repurpose smaller tree stumps into stools
    To complement the tree-stump table, convert smaller stumps into stools. It is eco-friendly and saves you from having to buy manufactured garden stools.
  5. Felled trees as home decor
    Use the felled trees as a way to beautify the home. Look out for parts of the tree that can be used as centerpieces for your living area’s coffee table.

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