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Why Trees Shouldn’t Grow Too Close to Power Lines

Why Trees Shouldn't Grow Too Close to Power Lines

It is normal for power lines to be located near your home. While power lines are installed at a safe distance from your home, it is inevitable for trees to grow near them. If this happens, then hire professionals for tree removal and landscaping in Tulsa Oklahoma to avoid troublesome accidents. Here are some of the issues you’ll face if those evergreens grow too close to electrical lines:

  • Fires

    There is a high possibility of fires happening when trees are too close to electrical lines. The electrical current can jump from the power line to the trees, especially when the latter is already touching the live wires. This will then start a fire. The bad thing about this kind of fire is that it spreads too quickly. Better prune your trees regularly by calling a professional for tree service in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

  • Critters

    Trees can be the home to a wide variety of birds and critters. When the tree is close to the electric cables, the critters will have easy access to them. They will likely chew on the cables, causing power interruption. Have a professional arborist check on the trees to ensure that there are no pests in them.

  • Open Current

    In the unfortunate event that a power line snaps, you will have to worry about open current. Downed power lines are extremely dangerous, especially when they are in touch with other objects such as fences and trees. When there is a downed power line in your area, call an electrician to deal with the live current. Afterward, call on professionals for tree removal service.

AJ Tree Service promotes safety above all else. Let us know if you need help in dealing with trees within your property.

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